We protect wildlife and their habitat in the Great Bear Rainforest through impactful communications, wildlife monitoring and community-led initiatives that shed light on the natural world.

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Save BC Wolves

Save BC Wolves

The B.C. Wolf Management Plan is in desperate need of an overhaul, and the wolf cull program is arguably its most ecologically, economically, and ethically offensive element.

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Protect Pacific Herring

The herring spawn is one of the most spectacular marine events on the Pacific coast, yet the importance of this foundation species as an ecosystem building block has been tragically overlooked.

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Marine Protection

Marine Protection

The marine environment of the Great Bear Rainforest has few parallels in the world when it comes to biodiversity, richness and abundance.

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Protect Wild Salmon

Wild salmon are the foundation of the Great Bear Rainforest ecosystem. Help us keep our salmon populations healthy for generations to come.

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Pacific Wild is committed to mobilizing communities across Canada and around the world, working together to protect the natural richness and diversity of the Pacific North Coast.

Become part of Pacific Wild’s wolf community and advocate for the protection of wolves in British Columbia.

stories from the great bear

In the Great Bear region, the ocean, land and coastal communities are intricately connected – trees gather nutrients from salmon through complex food webs, coastal wolves depend on seafood, whales feed along the shoreline, and First Nations continue to steward the resources of their traditional territories. The stories we tell today inspire action to protect the Great Bear Rainforest for the future.


Pacific Wild is proud to work with a wide variety of allies, partners, sponsors, and supporters who care deeply about wildlife and habitat conservation. This is just a highlight, please see our partners & collaborators page for a full list.

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Authors Ian McAllister, Karen McAllister, Nicholas Read and Lorna Crozier have created a collection of books for both young and mature readers alike. Ian’s iconic photography is foundational to every book, and through these titles readers can learn about every corner of the Great Bear Rainforest and its creatures.

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