Call For Change in the BCCOS – Counter Wildlife Mismanagement

Do you feel wildlife is being mismanaged by the B.C. Conservation Service? Send this letter to have your voice heard! Tell Premier Eby there is an urgent need for transparency, accountability and third party oversight with the B.C. Conservation Service.

One of the most effective ways of initiating change is by engaging in the democratic process: contact elected representatives and government officials to highlight issues you feel strongly about and suggest changes you want to see implemented.

In 2023, 603 black bears were killed by conservation officers, the highest number on record in the last ten years. This needs to change.

Write a letter in your own words about issues you see in wildlife management and what changes you’d like to see, or scroll down to send a pre-written letter provided below. 

Our key suggestions on reforming the B.C. Conservation Service:

  1. Mandating the use of body cameras for all officers with authority to respond to and make decisions about wildlife while they are on duty.
  2. Demanding the establishment of third party oversight for the BCCOS and for any other entity with the authority to make wildlife management decisions.
  3. Recognizing the need for a culture shift that reflects a mandate to prioritise and understand animal wellbeing, not exclusively to attenuate conflicts.
  4. Implementing a policy that all cubs should be assessed by a qualified, independent veterinarian to determine their health, well-being and candidacy for rehabilitation.

Who to Contact:

Premier of British Columbia, David Eby –

Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, George Heyman –

Chief Conservation Officer Cam Schley –

Deputy Chief Conservation Officer Chris Doyle –

Office of the Auditor of British Columbia –

NDP – MLA for Nelson-Creston, Brittny Anderson  –

Green Party – MLA for Saanich and the Islands, Adam Olsen,  –

Green Party Leader – MLA for Cowichan Valley, Sonia Furstenau –