End Wildlife Killing Contests in British Columbia

Each year, wildlife killing contests take place throughout  British Columbia. These contests, often targeting predators under the false guise of promoting ungulate survival (like deer), are not only unethical but also lack scientific support.

The provincial and federal governments have a responsibility to steward wildlife in trust for broader ecosystem needs and for future generations. Wildlife killing contests should be illegal under the Wildlife Act because they commercially incentivise indiscriminate killing of wildlife for individual profit, are unregulated, and have no basis in science or accepted wildlife management practices.

The Union of  British Columbia Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) have described killing contests to be “in direct opposition to Indigenous traditional values, reciprocity with our animal relatives, and our inherent Title and Rights Holders as the stewards of our lands [impeding] on our legal orders and jurisdiction over our territorial lands.”

Use your voice to demand an end to wildlife killing contests in British Columbia.