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UPDATE: Wolf kill numbers nearly double in 2016

BlogMay 3, 2016Michaela Montaner

Year two of five of the B.C. government’s tax-payer-funded wolf kill project is now complete, with the government announcing today their aerial snipers virtually doubled the body count. In the South Selkirks and South Peace, nine and 154 wolves ( ... Read More

ACTION: 5 things you can do to protect the Great Bear Rainforest this Earth Day

BlogApr 22, 2016Pacific Wild

1. Join our team Did you know we are hiring? In addition to a handful of volunteer graphic designers, deckhands, researchers, and others , we’re looking for two talented filmmakers and ardent conservationists to join our teams in the field and at ... Read More

VOLUNTEER: Some thoughts on hiring volunteers

BlogApr 16, 2016Michaela Montaner

We're proud to say that 100% of Pacific Wild staff, past and present, had a history of volunteering - either at PW or elsewhere - before joining our team as staff. (Speaking of - we're hiring! ) While we’ve only hired a fraction of the hundreds of ... Read More

VOLUNTEER: A beary good find

BlogApr 15, 2016Michaela Montaner

Earlier this week, we told you about how Elissa went from tabling for us in Vancouver to the helm of S.V. Habitat. Well, today, we’re introducing you to Megan Carey, who went from initiate to volunteer campaign coordinator in the blink of an eye. ... Read More

VOLUNTEER: What’s in it for you?

BlogApr 13, 2016Michaela Montaner

One of the key questions we ask prospective volunteers is “ What’s in it for you? ” The answer tells us a lot about how you are approaching volunteering and, perhaps most importantly, helps us tailor the volunteer experience so you get as much out ... Read More

VOLUNTEER: Playing the waiting game

BlogApr 12, 2016Michaela Montaner

Crew members on a Pacific Wild voyage have to wear many hats and, as Ian puts it, well before she set foot aboard S.V. Habitat Elissa had earned a closet full. Elissa joined the team as she was finishing her undergrad in conservation biology. As ... Read More

There are a handful of Pacific Wild's images amidst the 100 paintings Marisa has painted since January 1. See if you can pick them out at

VOLUNTEER: The wild road to Pacific Wild

BlogApr 11, 2016Michaela Montaner

Demand for volunteer positions working with Pacific Wild definitely outstrips supply and all too often we find that we are declining kind offers for support. Usually it’s because we don’t have a position that matches the skillset that is offered, ... Read More

PRO-TIPS: Volunteering at Pacific Wild

BlogApr 10, 2016Pacific Wild

The volume of inquiries we receive about volunteering and working at Pacific Wild is truly inspiring - there are so many people out there ready to take action for the Great Bear Rainforest. Over the years we’ve had the privilege of working with 100s ... Read More

RETROSPECTIVE: The Great Bear Agreement that did nothing for the Great Bears

BlogApr 9, 2016Pacific Wild

As far as we are concerned, when a new 2016 Great Bear Rainforest land-use order was legally established on January 28, 2016 , the Heiltsuk Tribal Council won quote of the year with these eloquent words: “We are grateful for a step down the right ... Read More

HERRING: A path forward for fisheries management on the coast

BlogApr 8, 2016Pacific Wild

Just over a year ago, the Heiltsuk Nation issued a tribal ban prohibiting an industrial sac roe herring fishery as they felt stocks had not recovered sufficiently after collapsing years earlier. Commercial gillnet licenses held by the Heiltsuk were ... Read More