YuWala Marine Charters

Take one of our unforgettable tours, or charter one of our boats between Central Coast communities or to your job site.

Transportation between our coastal communities is one of the greatest challenges. We are serving this demand with our reliable fleet of vessels with capacities of 5-36 passengers and cargo.

YuWala means “wind” in the Heiltsuk language. We will transport you swiftly like the wind.

Our company is Heiltsuk owned and operated out of Bella Bella on Campbell Island on British Columbia’s Central Coast. Our owner, Frank Brown, grew up in Bella Bella and knows the area intimately. He and his wife and co-owner Kathy  were instrumental in establishing the yearly recurring Tribal Canoe Journeys – a coast-wide gathering of traditional ocean-going canoes.

For as long as settlements have existed along the Pacific Coast, First Nations people have lived in and cared for the region’s lush ecosystems and abundant wildlife. This is the legacy we have inherited and now have the pleasure of enjoying and sharing.

We have a long history in maritime commerce and trade. According to archaeological evidence, the Heiltsuk have lived and travelled these waterways for over fourteen thousand years. The original marine transportation was by Glwa the ocean-going canoe carved from single large cedar trees. Throughout time we have adapted new modes of transportation. We never stopped using our ancestral waterways for food harvesting, commerce, trade, and social and cultural gatherings.

YuWala Marine Charters’ mission is to support and enable people in moving between places within the Central Coast for personal, social, and work reasons.

YuWala Charters Great Bear Rainforest tour image