Powering Field Research and Content: Strigo Partnership

Powering photographers, researchers, scientists and expeditionists with satellite mobile internet to make sharing live data, audio, imagery and visual content when in the field accessible.

Pacific Wild is pleased to announce our new mobile satellite internet partner, Strigo, based out of Montreal, Quebec and providing service across Canada – from coast to coast and from the far north to the 49th parallel.

So much of conservation comes down to what is actually happening in the field. The best laid plans on paper don’t always reflect reality, and that is why it is so valuable to have eyes on the ground. Pacific Wild was lucky enough to team up with expeditionist, Susan Conrad, who paddled between a myriad of proposed and established Marine Protected Areas in the Great Bear Rainforest in June. Although Susan did a similar trip 10 years ago, this time Susan had a secret weapon: satellite mobile internet in areas without cell reception. This allowed Susan to report what she was seeing and experiencing directly to our marine campaigner and to take friends of Pacific Wild live into the field with Susan on her journey as we plotted her daily updates onto our story map

Our partnership with Strigo means outfitting our photographers and researchers with professional-grade connectivity enabling real-time imagery, audio, notes and access to our favourite communication tools (Monday, Slack, Google Workspace, social channels).

Strigo’s unique 4201 Mobile Satellite device is rugged yet light at 4lbs, making it the perfect Internet partner for our backcountry photography, marine expeditions, and field research needs where no other internet or cell services exist. 

Our initial test case uses of the Strigo unit and data plan have shown impressive satellite connection coverage, both on land and sea in the Great Bear Rainforest, and it is exceptionally easy to use.

We look forward to the next year with Strigo Mobile Satellite Internet powering our many campaigns, and are excited to share #strigostories with you.