Webinar: “Killer” Conservation in the Salish Sea

Wednesday, June 26 at 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Orca Action Month: “Killer” Conservation in the Salish Sea

Join us for an engaging webinar, co-hosted by Pacific Wild and Cetus Research & Conservation Society, for an engaging webinar dedicated to the fascinating world of orca whales! Discover the incredible diversity of orcas, learn about their different ecotypes, and delve into their unique cultures and behaviors. Our experts will guide you through the science of photo identification and share insights from groundbreaking fieldwork and research. We’ll also discuss the threats to and the regulations in place to protect them. Learn how you can get involved in conservation efforts and make a difference.

Conclude with an interactive Q&A session where your questions will be answered.

This webinar is free to attend. Please consider making a donation to Cetus Research and Conservation Society or Pacific Wild to help us protect orcas and the ocean they depend on for years to come.