#SaveBCWolves: Tell B.C. Government to Release All Wolf Cull Images

On January 18th 2023, Pacific Wild issued an open letter titled Troubled Triggers: Correcting the Aim on B.C.’s Wolf Cull. In this letter, we outline that the government is in possession of a database of over 600 images and videos taken of the wolf cull. We believe that these images represent documentation that would allow for the independent verification and assessment of the humane nature of this wolf kill program. 

We need your help! Write to B.C. Premier David Eby and request accountability and transparency by releasing all documentation pertaining to the wolf cull. More information on letter writing tips below. 

  1. David Eby
    Premier of British Columbia

    Email: Premier@gov.bc.ca


  2. Nathan Cullen
    Minister of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship

    Email: LWRS.Minister@gov.bc.ca


  3. Bruce Ralston
    Minister of Forests

    Email: FLNR.Minister@gov.bc.ca


  4. Find the contact info for your local MP here

Wondering what to say? Here are a few talking points to help you compose your message:

  1. On January 18th 2023, Pacific Wild issued an open letter titled Troubled Triggers: Correcting the Aim on B.C.’s Wolf Cull. In this letter, we asked the responsible minister for greater transparency in the Caribou Recovery Program after it came to our attention that the government possessed a database containing over 600 photographs of wolves killed as a part of the wolf cull.
  2. To date over 1700 wolves have been killed through the wolf cull program since 2015, costing taxpayers over six million dollars. In 2022 alone, 280 wolves were killed at a cost of $6428 per wolf. 
  3. Photographs released by a recent Global News story show a B.C. wolf that was collared by the Province of B.C..
  4. The photo shows extensive rub burns from a non-responsive radio collar and highlights concerns that wolves may be suffering after being collared by the Province of B.C.. 
  5. Although exact details are not known, the injuries in the photo appear to show gross negligence during the monitoring of this wolf by the Province of B.C. The apparent size of the collar and extent of injuries leads experts to believe this wolf was a juvenile when collared by B.C. provincial staff. 
  6. Absent any confirmation or response from the Province of B.C., it is believed this wolf may have been a “Judas” wolf collared as part of the Capture Betray Kill (CBK) program that the B.C. Government is using it to eradicate wolves from large parts of the province.The photo raises serious questions about the competency and qualifications of government staff involved with wolves. Additional concerns are now raised about the humaneness of overall wildlife management programs in B.C.. 
  7. Greater transparency in B.C. government wolf collaring activities is needed.  All photos of killed wolves, or wolves that may have suffered due to negligent actions, should be proactively released for independent analysis and case study/research opportunities. 
  8. We continue to call on the Province of B.C. to immediately release all wolf cull data within its possession. Only through third party auditing can the humaneness of this wolf kill program be accurately assessed. 

If you’re sending an email,  please copy comms@pacificwild.org. If you are writing a handwritten note, please send us a picture of your letter to comms@pacificwild.org. This will help us track our campaign progress!

You can also share a photo of your handwritten letter or a screenshot of your email on social media and tag us @pacificwild and #SaveBCWolves.