Pacific Wild in collaboration with  more than 500 diverse organizations and groups have signed onto the “Confront the Climate Emergency” open letter to Premier David Eby and the Government of British Columbia. 

Collectively we are calling on the BC government to recognize the urgency and alarm that people all over the province are feeling as the climate crisis directly impacts our communities and our health: deadly heat waves, wildfires, drought, floods, crop failure, fisheries collapse, and costly evacuations and infrastructure damage. These climate-related impacts are unprecedented and intensifying. Indigenous peoples stand to be disproportionately impacted by climate events despite successfully taking care of the land since time immemorial.

British Columbia has the potential to become a visionary world leader and demonstrate that innovative and rapid change is possible as we transition to a zero emissions economy.

We are urging the government to seize these opportunities, and demonstrate to British Columbians that our government is indeed a true climate leader by implementing the 10 climate emergency actions set out in the letter below.

Stay Wild

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