Digital Updates from our Executive Director, Ian McAllister

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, environmentally focused gatherings have understandably been put on hold. However, Pacific Wild’s Executive Director, Ian McAllister has been taking advantage of new opportunities to connect with supporters of conservation work for Canada’s Pacific coast.

Recently, Ian appeared in a special interview with IMAX Victoria to provide a behind the scenes look at the filming process for Great Bear Rainforest – Land of the Spirit Bear. He also discussed some of the current conservation challenges organizations like Pacific Wild are tackling to create meaningful change in this unique and fragile region. The interview comes just over one year after the initial release of this groundbreaking giant screen documentary which became an instant audience favourite and continues to be one of the most requested films at B.C.’s IMAX locations. You can learn more about the movie and watch the full interview below.

Additionally, Ian partnered with Creatively United (CU) for a webinar to share some of his favourite images and stories from over 30 years of exploration and conservation work on Canada’s Pacific coast. There are many factors increasing risk to ecosystems in the province of British Columbia including habitat fragmentation, conflicts between harvesting and recreational uses, differing values held by Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, and a rapidly changing climate.⁣

Knowing this, the team at CU have produced a letter to government decision makers to help people like you create change in the way ecosystems are managed. You can sign and send the letter to political representatives here. The full recording from Ian’s webinar is also available available below – please have a watch if you want to learn more about this magnificent coast!