Donate to the Campaign to Save BC Wolves

Ending BC’s scapegoating cull of BC’s wolves takes coordinated, leveraged action on multiple fronts over a span of time that can seem daunting. By supporting this campaign with your monthly or one-time donation, you are committing to being a part of the fight to have the focus shift to the real culprits for the decline in endangered caribou populations: habitat destruction.

We use these funds to do what we do best: supporting through compelling visuals the facts and research gathered by leading scientists and research organizations. Telling the stories of these iconic wolves, how they live, the truth behind their apex predator position in BC’s wild ecosystem.

We make sure your voice is amplified beyond a simple signature or letter, and that the rising chorus of hundreds of thousands of people in British Columbia and beyond are heard , and have an effect on public policy.

Political parties, corporations, and pro-cull interest groups are gathering funding to carry their message of continuing this shameful cull.

Donating is the single most powerful thing you can do to save BC wolves. We can’t thank you enough.

wolf kit@2x
Get this Wolf Kit for donations of $200 or more in support of this campaign! Includes choice of book or hat. Shipping extra outside North America.
Already donated to this campaign in the past week? If you'd like to add to your donation to receive a kit, contact [email protected]!
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