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Everyone has #HerringStories. Herring permeate our everyday lives in big and small ways, some of which are surprising. They’re in our diets directly or indirectly through the animals that eat them, like salmon, halibut, and tuna. Around the world families grew up watching them return annually to inshore waters, or slowly disappear. Herring are the little fish that allow life to thrive on the Pacific coast, and the foundation that we all rely on. Now it’s time for us to give back to this #BIGLittleFish.

The herring are coming back to spawn so the sea lions are back too!! Herring are unique #BIGLittleFish. After learning the way from their elders, these small silver fish make their trek back to the coast of British Columbia this time each spring to spawn. Herring’s return transforms the coast into a feeding frenzy for sea wolves, bears, humpbacks, and salmons. It’s absolutely amazing to witness. But this ecosystem is at risk of collapsing because humans have disturbed its balance, exploiting nature for industry. Fortunately, there are solutions available to us and I believe that if we work as only one, we can start #turningthetide.

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— Cristina Mittermeier

During herring season, Canada’s Pacific coastline welcomes thousands of airborne visitors. Surf scoters block out the sun above massive schools of spawning herring before diving through the surface. They’re able to swim down 20 to 30 feet underwater to feast on herring and their eggs. While working on #GreatBearIMAX, we filmed this unique underwater behaviour for the very first time. The surf scoter is just one of the countless species who rely on this #BIGLittleFish and I was stoked to get these unique shots of them.⁣

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— Ian McAllister

Can you imagine a Pacific coast without orcas, humpback whales, salmon, or sea lions? I refuse to imagine it but, each spring, @FisheriesOceansCAN drives us closer and closer to this reality when they allow the industrial herring hunt to reopen. There is only one industrial herring fishery left on the B.C. coast, the four others already crashed because of our exploitation. This little silver fish is a keystone species in these waters; from the whale to the bear to the regal sea wolf, everything depends on a healthy herring population. Even people. I have called this part of the world home for 15 years and I do not want to see a future without whales on this coast. Please, go to the link in my bio to sign the petition to suspend this fishery before it’s too late. Let’s give herring a chance to recover.

#ExtinctionEndsHere #HerringStories #BIGlittlefish #TurningTheTide with @SeaLegacy and @PacificWild, @conservancyhornbyisland, @ecologyst_

— Paul Nicklen

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