Ian McAllister moves into new role as Conservation Advisor

Today, the Board of Directors of Pacific Wild Alliance announce the resignation of Ian McAllister as Executive Director, effective August 16, 2021. Ian will continue to advise the Board on strategic matters related to conservation.

In a statement regarding his resignation, Ian says, “For over 30 years I have been passionately dedicated to conservation and protecting wildlife and their habitat. For the past twelve years, I have been particularly proud of what we have accomplished at Pacific Wild, and of the incredibly talented and dedicated team we have but it’s time for me to step away for personal and professional reasons and for a new Executive Director to take the organization forward. I am very excited about the future and direction of Pacific Wild and know that we have built a very strong foundation to continue being a leading voice for wildlife conservation.”

The Board will commence the search process for a new Executive Director and looks forward to finding another dynamic, professional, and inspirational leader Pacific Wild and our environment needs at this time.

Pacific Wild Alliance is a registered charity that supports innovative research, public education, community outreach and raising conservation awareness to achieve the goal of lasting environmental protections for the lands, waters and people of the Great Bear Rainforest and throughout the Pacific Northwest. To learn more about Pacific Wild, visit www.pacificwild.org.