Protect habitat, don’t kill wolves: government scientists admit wolf cull is inhumane, yet propose expansion

Slaughtering wolves will not save the caribou – only ending habitat fragmentation and repairing the habitat can do that.

In a recent article by Wolf Awareness Executive Director Sadie Parr and Paul Paquet, a senior scientist with Raincoast Conservation Foundation, Parr and Paquet say this proposal damages the integrity of scientific inquiry. They write, “We believe experimental wolf kill programs are unwarranted and unethical, and should be replaced with adequate habitat protection.”

A Revelstoke resident formerly associated with the Mountain Caribou Project, Virginia Thompson, recently wrote a letter to the Revelstoke Times Review in an attempt to clarify information on caribou habitat protection in the Revelstoke Shuswap Planning Unit. Thompson writes, “My question is: What do people want in this situation? I strongly suggest the federal and provincial governments protect more caribou habitat. This will probably save the North Columbia Herd at least, and avoid killing so many animals in what is turning into a bloodbath.”

BC’s caribou recovery plan is still pitched as a great conservation commitment at the sacrifice of industrial and recreational interests, yet it has never resulted in protecting sufficient habitat to support caribou in the long-term.

Read the article by Wolf Awareness’ Sadie Parr and Raincoast Conservation Foundation’s Paul Paquet here: National Observer, BC government scientists admit wolf cull is inhumane, then propose to expand it.

Read the letter by Virginia Thompson, former member of the Mountain Caribou Project, here: Revelstoke Times Review, Protect habitat, don’t kill wolves, to save caribou.