Province must recall assault-style rifles issued to staff

Pacific Wild conducted a freedom of information request (FOI) and has learned that the province is using military grade semi-automatic rifles, with a capacity to shoot 30 round magazines to kill wolves as part of the predator management program.

Pacific Wild Alliance is an environmental charity with headquarters in Victoria, British Columbia. It has recently come to our attention that the Province is using assault-style rifles for wildlife conservation work. The class of weapons being issued and used is relatively the same as those in the École Polytechnique Massacre and more recent Nova Scotia shootings. Based on the records before us, the use of assault-style rifles is shown as happening in two program areas: the Ministry of Forests (wolf cull), and the Ministry of Environment, B.C. Conservation Officer Service (“BCCOS”) (general uniformed duty). We find it highly unlikely that the program areas have been transparent with this administration and the public in their intentions to purchase this class of weapons for general duty work.