The Return of the Great Bear 

December 18th, 2017 marks five years since the government announced that there would be no more hunting of grizzly bears in British Columbia.

Banning the hunting of grizzly bears came after decades of campaigning. This was an incredible conservation achievement for British Columbia; as many First Nations, individuals, scientists, non-profit organizations and wildlife based tourism companies all came together to give grizzly bears a voice. 

This is an opportunity to thank the government for listening, and to celebrate the incredible collaborations that took place to get there. Pacific Wild Alliance and the Grizzly Bear Foundation are honoured to celebrate this milestone with you.

Return of the Great Bear

Five Years Free

Visit the Grizzly Bear Foundation’s #FiveYearsFree feature page to see the amazing work that they are doing for bears and to take action. Send a letter to add your voice in support of the BC government’s 2017 decision.

To explore how conserving bears benefits the land, people and businesses like ecotourism, Pacific Wild staff traveled to the Great Bear Rainforest to speak with bear guides, experts, and Indigenous leaders.

Stay tuned for video updates as we continue to tell the stories of grizzly bear coexistence and survival over the next few weeks.