B.C. Government Releases Disturbing Wolf Cull Images

The B.C. Government has made public 46 pages of disturbing, coloured photographs that depict wolves being killed by gunfire from helicopters.


B.C. Government Releases Disturbing Wolf Cull Images:
Never-before-seen photos raise animal welfare concerns of government killing program

Victoria, B.C. (April 19, 2023) Extremely graphic photos depicting wolves killed by gunfire from helicopters were finally released to the environmental charity Pacific Wild Alliance by government authorities. Forty-six pages of colour photographs related to the wolf cull (between 2015 and 2022) were delivered to Pacific Wild, who is now sharing them with the public. Please note these photographs are disturbing and may not be appropriate for all viewers or readers. The wolf cull, which has run for eight years at a cost of over $8 million in taxpayer dollars, has been challenged as unethical, unscientific, and inhumane.

“Some of the released photos do not align with what people would consider ethical treatment of wildlife,” says Pacific Wild animal law lawyer Rebeka Breder. “The government has repeatedly claimed that the cull is humane, but this photographic evidence suggests otherwise. This cull is inhumane and, in many cases, causes unnecessary suffering to wildlife.” 

Internal government documents suggest that thousands of other photos, as well as videos, should be on file from the cull, but have not been released.

Pacific Wild has issued a follow-on letter to the Province of B.C. and is continuing to consider their legal options for holding the government to account for its treatment of wolves. The document containing the newly released wolf cull photos can be viewed at PacificWild.org.


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