B.C. Government on track to kill 1,000 wolves

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B.C. Government on track to kill 1,000 wolves

Your help is urgently needed now to #SaveBCWolves

Since 2015, the Government of British Columbia has killed an average of 175 wolves every year. The majority of these iconic wild animals have been ruthlessly gunned down from government-contracted helicopters. Currently, over 700 wolves have been killed from aerial gunning and there is no sign that the government will stop. Your help is urgently needed.

The B.C. government continues its misguided effort to scapegoat wolves, placing the blame on them for collapsing caribou and other ungulate populations. The government has inappropriately marked $2.2 million to gun down these species – the current plan is to continue killing wolves from helicopters into 2020 and beyond. We at Pacific Wild believe wolves deserve a voice, not a bullet. 

Please help us draw the world’s collective attention to the suffering and plight of B.C. wolves. Help us end this outdated, cruel, and futile attempt at managing predator prey relationships.

Donate Now: $5, $15, $25 to help amplify the hundreds of thousands of voices around the world condemning the wolf cull

Your donation is needed to help end this biologically and ethically indefensible wildlife crisis and to support our wolf conservation efforts.

Pacific Wild is a leading voice for endangered wildlife in North America and with your support we can continue to put pressure on the government to stop the cull and to continue to communicate this issue and its horrible practices to the general public.

For the wolves,

Pacific Wild