Video: SFU Researchers Count Salmon in Heiltsuk Territory

For the last 13 years, Reynolds Lab researchers have been counting salmon in 25 salmon streams in Heiltsuk Territory. Get a glimpse into their process and learn about the importance of salmon monitoring in B.C.'s smaller streams which are often overlooked by the government.

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Blind Management, Uncounted Rivers

The very foundation of salmon stewardship requires the annual monitoring of thousands of watersheds in coastal B.C. in order to assess the health and abundance of spawning salmon, yet in the last 15 years, DFO funding for salmon escapement programs has been cut by over 60%.

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Why Are Rivers Left Uncounted?

Despite tens of millions of dollars being allocated for wild salmon conservation in B.C., Canada’s federal government has divested from salmon monitoring projects. If fewer than 10% of B.C.’s salmon runs are actually monitored, how is DFO reliably allocating wild salmon for fisheries and broader ecosystem needs?

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