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Spirit Bear

Photography & Conservation: An Interview with Daisy Gilardini

During childhood, Daisy Gilardini fell in love with the natural world. This passion has evolved into a lifelong commitment to spread the message of conservation and the need to preserve what’s left of the world’s remaining wild places. Today, she works as an accomplished conservation photographer specializing in the Polar Regions, with a particular emphasis on Antarctic wildlife and North American bears. She grew up in Switzerland but is now based out of Vancouver, Canada. A friend of Pacific Wild, she’s spent a great deal of time documenting wildlife in the Great Bear Rainforest region.

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Conservation & Photography

Photography & Conservation: An Interview with Ryan Tidman

A friend and collaborator of Pacific Wild, Ryan Tidman is a conservation photographer and filmmaker based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. He grew up with a love of nature, mesmerized by wildlife documentaries like Planet Earth. Since completing studies in Environmental Visual Communications at the Royal Ontario Museum, he’s found himself on numerous adventures around the globe documenting iconic moments with wildlife. Learn more about Ryan below.

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herring in the Great Bear Rainforest

Protecting Pacific Herring

On Monday February 7th, Pacific Wild’s Marine Campaigner Emmie Page held a talk on herring conservation. In her Protecting Pacific Herring: updates in conservation and management of B.C.’s foundational fish presentation, Emmie discussed the importance of herring as a keystone species of Pacific coast marine ecology.

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Counting is Key

Data Deficiency: The Salmon Dilemma

Pacific Wild recently completed an in-depth analysis of salmon enumeration data, compiled from the Pacific Salmon Foundation Salmon Explorer and DFO New Escapement Salmon Database. This research determined how many salmon spawning streams are monitored and counted on a yearly basis and identified voids in data collection.

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